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Popup sukkah on the roof of my building


hi, i dont have a balcony but the roof in my building is quite large (and safe)
and i would like to put my popup sukkah there do i need to ask all the tenants in the building (some are jewish some are not )for permission in order to make a leishev basukah during sukkos



You do not have to ask them permission in order to be able to make a bracha. The reason is because you are making the sukkah on your property, and it is normal for a neighbor to use the roof in a temporary way. You do have to be careful though that your succah is not hurting or disturbing the neighbors in any way, such as blocking someone’s sunlight, or a place that the neighbors need to pass by.

Best wishes


Moed Kol Chai 21-25, Poskim.


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