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Salt That Non Jews Use


Can one use salt that non Jews use as the steam from there hot food may get inside?



Thank you for your question.

My understanding of your question is that you are asked regarding using a salt shaker of non-Jews, and you are afraid that some of the steam got inside the shaker. Although what you are saying may be true however nevertheless, the salt may be used. The reason is that even if a minute amount of the steam from the non-kosher food got into the salt, it is botil in the salt and therefore it is permitted to use. In general though touching the non -Jews salt shaker may have non-kosher grease on it, if it was used during a meal. Therefore it is preferable to be careful that it should be clean, and if it isn’t wipe your hand off so that you don’t end up licking any of the non- kosher grease from your fingers. By the way, this is why it is preferable to have separate salt shakers for milk and meat.

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