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Food mutar or assur?


Shalom, can we eat the entrails and stomach of an ox, sheep or any kosher animal or is there a prohibition due to what HaShem commanded us about the fat from the entrails of animals being burned on the altar?



Thank you for your question.

There are two potential issues here. The first is regarding forbidden fat on the animal. Due to the complexity of removing all the biblically and rabbinically for bidden fat the Ashkenazi custom is not to eat the hind quarters of the animal. These organs would be included in this. For the Sefardim however, if you indeed have a person who is trained according to the Sefardi mesora, exactly how to clean these organs than this issue would be resolved.

There is however another issue here, that if the calf was young and there was some of the mother’s milk inside its stomach, it can be an issue of basar bchalav.

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