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Giving worker extra work to do.


I was hired to work a job. I was told to perform 5 tasks and that I have to work a minimum of two hours. I was given a list of additional tasks to complete if I finish within two hours. Is there a problem with such an arrangement? I normally can finish the job within an hour and a half. For the record, the agreement robs me of my incentive to work efficiently.



Thank you for your question.

Before answering your question, I would like to note that it is so nice that you want to work honestly and efficiently, if only all workers would be this way…

Regarding your question, the answer depends on the what was agreed upon with your employer, and the nature of the job. If you are hired, and being paid by the hour, (sechir yom) then the boss may give you other similar or easier work to do, if you finished early. This is because you are paid to provide him with work for this time period. The work must however be in some way related to the type of work that you were hired to do, (i.e. hired to do office work and given work to carry things). It is not lo tirdo bo bipareh, because he is paying you for your time. This should not rob you of your incentive to work efficiently and honestly, because he gave you other things to do if you finish early. It is hard to know why he wants the job to specifically take two hours. It is possible that he is afraid that if the job is done too quickly, the quality of the work will be affected, I don’t know.

If, however you were hired to do a specific job, (a kablan) i.e. write a certain program, then you are being paid to complete the specific job you were hired to do, and the boss can not give you other work.


CH:M 335-1.


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