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Extra expenses incurred by Rebbe


I arranged with someone to teach my class on Friday morning in my absence, and we agreed on an hourly pay. When it came to Friday, he totally forgot about it until he was reminded and ended up coming and teaching for only 1.5 hours. He incurred extra travelling expenses because due to his lateness he took a taxi to get to school immediately, instead of the regular bus. My question is, do i pay him for the hours that he didn’t teach, and do i pay the extra taxi expense?


It must be noted that such questions can not really be answered without hearing the other person’s side of the story, but according to the way that it you are presented it, this would be the answer.  Regarding your first question, I don’t see why you should pay him for hours that he didn’t work? If anything there may be a question if the school has to pay you for those hours, since there was no teacher there then.

Regarding the traveling expenses, if he was negligent and that caused him an extra expense, I don’t see why you should have to pay for that.


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