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Sheimos of cassettes


Are cassette tapes containing shiurim considered sheimous?



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Good question.

Are cassette tapes considered having Hashem’s name on them or not? The poskim discuss this question from the angle if it is permitted to walk into the bathroom with a cassette of a shiur etc? Can the cassette be placed on top of seforim? If a cassette has Hashem’s name on it, can the cassette be erased, etc?

The poskim say that the cassette tapes etc. are not considered shaimos, since the torah or name of Hashem on it is not evident, rather it sounds that way due to the electromagnetic force that is impressed on it.  It is however preferable not to erase the cassette if it has Hashem’s name on it.

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Halichos Shlomo Tefila Chapter 20 ftnt. 34, Ginzei Hakodesh chap. 7- 23 in the name of R’ N. Karelitz zt”L, Beer Moshe 7 Kuntres Electric siman 111,  Bais Hillel 46-2 (pg. 106), Yagel Yackov pg. 126 in the name of R’ Henkin zt”l.


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