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What to do the coin during shmittah year?


I have been using a coin when occasionally taking trumah and maaser from fruits in the last 7 years (I live in Israel). I remember that during this year before Pesach, we’re supposed to destroy this coin? Can you please clarify what exactly I should do with this coin (a shekel)?




Thank you for your question.

You can destroy it before Pesach, but it can also be done until erev the last day of Pesach this year (5782). You have a number of choices, it can be taken to the ocean and thrown inside it, and the salt in the sea will destroy the coin. (According to Chazon Ish it is preferred to bend the coin before throwing it into the sea) Alternatively the coin can be ground up and thrown into a river or into the wind. You can also put the coin into chemicals (i.e. hydrochloric acid) that will disintegrate them. Another option is to deface the coin to the degree that it can no longer be used, such banging it with a hammer until it no longer has its picture on it, bending it until it is unusable or cracks, or it can be sawed in half.

As a side point, biur maasros is done twice every seven years, before Pesach of the fourth year, for the maasros of the first three years, and before Pesach of the seventh year, for the fruits of the fourth-sixth years.

Best wishes


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