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Is a Joke ever permissible in Hilchos Loshon Hora?


A person makes a joke about someone in the presence of others. He has no intent to belittle him; it’s just a joke that could be said about almost anyone. It might be about his absent-mindedness or anything that most people would consider a joke. At its essence, though, the joke is belittling. I presume someone might indeed be offended even though the person to whom it is targeted is not. If it is assur. Is there a scenario where a joke would be permissible? E.g., using a goy as an example, or any other situation?



Thank you for your question.

Making jokes about others, involves onaas devorim, halbonas ponim, and when said in front of the person, loshon hora, and rechilus. There are many, many jokes that can be said without belittling another person, especially a Jew, and without causing hurt to others.

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