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Build luxury sauna in the nine days.


Although I feel like I shouldn’t, I am wondering if must have the contractor continue building our luxury sauna. The reason for my question is: I’m a single mom who is struggling to put food in the table and in fact part of it and other basic expenses are paid thru tzedakah that I receive. Now someone who is trying to help build a business for me is borrowing money to build this sauna so that I should be able to rent it and after repaying the loan I will have income through it. This person also wants to make my children happy that they will have this luxury in their home. Understandably, my children and myself will be super excited when this project is done because we will be able to enjoy and own the sauna and it’s luxuries. On one hand I am sure that I shouldn’t let the contractor continue and possibly even finish it in the nine days. On the other hand I don’t know if I am obligated to have it done the fastest possible because the person who loans the money is not rich and needs the money back as soon as possible so if all gets done during the nine days, I can start renting it to clients right after Tisha b’av and thereby start repaying the loan sooner. What is the halachah in this case?

Many thanks.



It is permitted to build and finish in the nine days. This is because the main purpose of it is for business. Understandably it won’t be used then.

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