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Pruzbul for wife


L’chvod HaRav,

Please use this updated question instead of the previous one sent a few minutes ago. Thank you!

1) If my wife gave someone a loan from money earned before our marriage, should she have her own pruzbul or is it included in my pruzbul? Would it make a difference if the loan was given before or after our marriage?
2) If she needed her own pruzbul, can I be her shaliach and do it on her behalf – and, if yes, what would procedure be?
Alternatively, can she be makneh to me the loan and thus the money would be owed to me and included in my pruzbul?



1- This money would be included in her husbands pruzbul. The fact that she earned the money before they got married doesn’t change anything because its nichsei melug so his pruzbul is enough.

2- If she would need she can make him a shliach-I’ll try to get it posted on site

Rabbi Yosef Fleishman


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