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Need for a pruzbul


I heard from someone that merely owning a bank account would require me to sign a pruzbul. I don’t understand why this would be true, but I wanted to confirm.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Thank you for your question.

R’ S. Z. Auerbch is quoted (Dinei Shevi’is-Degel Yerishalayim chapter 31-15) as saying this, and this is also the opinion of R’ Eliyasiv zt”l (see Mishmeres Hashviis chap. 2-23 and ftnt. 35.) When a person deposits money into their bank account essentially a loan is being given to the bank. The bank indeed views it this way, and that is why they pay interest on the deposits that are made. If one did not make a pruzbol and has money in a bank account, he should speak to his Rov. It should be noted that this would only apply to a Jewish bank but not to a gentile one. The reason is that the mitzva of not claiming back one’s loans only applies to money lent to a Jew, however money lent to a gentile should be claimed.


דברים טו ג את הנכרי תגש ואת אשר יהי לך את אחיך תשמט ידך. ובספרי שם דאת הנכרי תגש זו מצות עשה וע’ ברמב”ם פ”א ממלוה ה”ב למד דזו מצות עשה לנגש את הנכרי והביאו הרמב”ן עה”ת שם ובלח”מ שם.

ולענין להוציא כספו מהבנק יהודי אם לו עשה פרוזבול ע’ משמרת השביעית שם הערה 35.

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