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Brit Mila in the Torah


1. Torah doesn’t describe even a single Brit Mila for the Jew?.. Or does it?

  1. Bereishit 18:8. “Cream and milk, and the calf”, that had been prepared…
    Our Forefather Abraham did serve all these dietary treats, products together, at the same time. Milk and meat simultaneously.
    3. Deuteronomy 26:5 Does also state: “Wondering Aramean was my Father”… Can from here be extrapolated, that Abraham Avinu was also Aramean. Or had some Aramean lineage?
    Thus, Sarah, Imaeinu, the close relative of Abraham, could be also identified as Aramean?..
  2. Torah does narrate the history of Jewish Nation, but does it indicate the moment of time in history, when the Jewish ethnicity commenced?
    Was it the birth of Itzhak? Or was it the Maamad Har Sinai?..

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  1. The commandment for all Jews to do Bris Milah is written in Genisis 17 verses 10-15 where Hashem tells Avrohom that the covenant between them is contingent that all the Jews do Bris Milah. Also see Leviticus 7 verse 3. As a side point the Torah Exodus 4-25 does describe how Tzippora the wife of Moshe circumcised her sons. We also see in Exodus 12 (47-50) how Bris Milah was a requisite for the Jews to leave Egypt and the Torah says that all the Jews did it. That’s over 600,000 circumcisions in the Torah.
  2. Correct, in fact this that the angles ate them together was used against them later on when Moshe was getting the Torah, the Midrash ( Sochar Tov Tehillim 117) says that the angles didn’t agree the mortal man should have the Torah. Hashem told Moshe to answer them, and one of the things he told them was that they ate milk and meat.
  3. Avrohom was not Armenian, neither was his wife, as we see thier lineage to Shem and Adam is clearly stated in Parshas Breishis and Noach. The words “ארמי עובד אבי”, as explained by Yonasan Ben Uziel is that Yackov (not Avrohom) went to Aram, which is referring to Aram Naharayim, the town that Lavan lived in, and over there, his father in law Lavan wanted to kill him.
  4. The birth of the Jewish Nation was when Hashem took them out of Eqypt.

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  1. Exhodus 12:47-50 does narrate about circumcision of the Gerim, not Jews…

    1. All the Jews at that point were becoming geirim, but this was referring to all the Jews

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