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Basar bchalav


Hi is coffee with milk considered to be גבינה עצמו or only like a תבשיל של גבינה?
Do you have any maarei mokomos that discuss this?




Milk is not גבינה, and it doesn’t have the same halachos. According to many poskim, there is no need to wait at all between drinking milk and eating meat, except that the person has rinse and wipe his mouth out.

But even if theoretically, you would take hard cheese, puree it and put in into a coffee, that would be גבינה עצמו. A  “תבשיל”is when meat is cooked with potatoes, the potatoes which contain the meaty taste are considered תבשיל של בשר, but not if the meat is pureed and mixed into the dish. That is the actual meat. The same is with milk and cheese, if the actual cheese or milk is mixed inside, it is not considered תבשיל.

See Y:D 89-3

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