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Closing hole in wall


Hi, we have a small “window” in a wall inside my house, from one room to the next, and want to close it up. Am I required to leave a hole in the wall? If yes, can I relocate the hole to an inconspicuous area, and can I cover the hole? Thank you!




The reason we don’t close up a window or doorway is because of the tzava’ah of R’ Hehuda Hachassid. The fact that the window is an internal window, will not matter regarding these halachos. There are however a few options. If you don’t take the frame of the window off, and just put wood over the whole window it is not a problem. Alternitively, then a small hole should be made in the board, and a small tube should be placed inside it, (you can even use a thin straw). You can put a piece of tape or plug up the hole with something that can be removed, even to paint over it. This would then be considered a temporary plug of the hole and it would be permitted.

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Shmias Haguf V’hanefesh 219-2,4, in the name of Shivm Temarim- 20, Horav Y. Cahen shlit”a, and other poskim.


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