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Trouble learning Rashi/Gemara


Hi Rav,
I went to yeshivah for several years and then I went to nursing school for a couple of years. I worked with some very nice non-jews in school who respect Jews and are kind (although the class was mostly Jewish). It really pains me when I learn Rashis in Chumash and Gemaras that seem to talk disparagingly of all goyim. For example, Rashi in Parshas Pinchas says that the Parei Hachag decreasing in number signifies that the nations will be destroyed, and the gemara in Brachos which says that Moshe Rabbeinu requested from Hashem that he not rest his Shechinah on the Umos Haolam. What should I do about this?
Thank you!




It is nice that you have such feelings for others, but instead of being pained, you should really be thankful to Hashem, that you are one of those who are from His chosen nation. The world was created, not as a free for all, that everyone can do what they want, rather there is a king and a judge, and for all good deed there will be reward, and for all sins there will be retribution. This is the way the world was made. All gentiles have the free choice to do the will of Hashem, or the opposite, however by doing the opposite, they will eventually have to pay the price. Additionally, it is well known that anti-Semitism has existed for thousands of years, where various nations have tortured, pained, spat upon, and degraded the Jews. When nations do this, aside from sinning, they are hurting Hashem’s children, for which there will be retribution.

The Midrash relates, that before Hashem gave the Jews the Torah, He offered it to all of the nations of the world, who refused to accept it. Th Jews were the only one how did accept it. Fulfilling the mitzvos and the Torah, and accepting Hashem as G-d are two main conditions to having the divine presence rest on a nation. The nations didn’t want it.

Again, any person from the nations of the world, has the opportunity, to join the Jewish people, accept the mitzvos, and then enjoy all the benefits of being from Hashem’s holy nation. Similar to a person who is has elite membership to enter a certain airport lounge. When he gets to the door of the lounge, he shows his card, they look it up on the computer, and the guard lets him in. Another person standing there, who doesn’t have membership is denied entry. The person denied entry got angry at the guard, and asked “why are being discriminating against me”? The guard said, “I am not discriminating against, you, just this place is only for members, become a member and you can also enter”.

Those kind gentiles, who are just people and kind to Jews will definitely be rewarded, and will get a reward in the world to come. However, it doesn’t come close to those who have membership.

Unfortunately, nowadays, all too many people want to give up their membership, and act like gentiles. This is a shame, because we hope the Messiah will come soon, and those who were loyal to Hashem will be duly rewarded, for doing Hashem’s mitzvos, and more than that, for being loyal to Hashem, even during the difficult times.

Best wishes


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