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Davening during work


Is an employer required to allow an employee to daven while he is clocked in ?




If a worker has the rights to daven mincha during his work time depends on the situation. In general, conditions nowadays are not the way they were in the time of the gemora, and employers are not as particular, therefore the employer would be obligated to let his employee daven. However, this would only apply if the employee cannot daven at any other time but during his work hours.. For example, a worker that works from 9 to 5 when sunset is at 7:30 pm does not have a claim to his employer that he allow him to daven, since he can daven after his work hours. However, in the winter-time, when sunset is at 4:30, he would be allowed to daven mincha. Additionally, if the worker gets a lunch hour, and he can daven then, he has to do it then and not at the expense of his employer.

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