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Accidental bow while honoring parent?


Kavod haRav,
I went to give a parent a kiss on each of their hands and instead of making them lift their hands to me, or taking their hands and lifting them up significantly toward me, I sort of bend down toward my parent and kissed each hand (I was standing and they were standing, and I took their hand in my hand). I of course had zero avoda zarah intention, but am seeking clarity if such a “bowing” is contrary to halacha and should not be done, or since it is so clear and understood that I am not intending to “bow” to the parent specifically, it is simply the posture to enact a form of honoring them in that moment, and halacha would allow it? (Ideally there would be no bowing involved at all, but in such a case where we are both standing and I want to show that love/resepect, I am wondering how halacha would advise…). Also, is teshuva required for the bow that was already done even if no avoda zarah intent was there?
Thank you sincerely.




It is nice to see that you have such kibud av v’em. As you write so correctly, there is no halachic issue with this, the same way it is not considered bowing down to someone when you tie their shoes for them.

Best wishes


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