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Does Don’t Do it if detrimental to your Neshamah still apply?



We are told I believe either way is correct. With people who may have a bad influence on you to not get involved if you don’t think you are strong enough not to be influenced. Otherwise get involved if you are strong. Firstly, most people do not know if they are strong enough. I am referring here to Haredi Jews (I am not saying that non-Haredi do know). They do not know how to weigh it up correctly, so automatically abstain.

When the Jews worshipped the golden calf, we were forgiven because we repented. But nowadays we do not repent. We have had covid, climate change, wars, freezing weather, financial problems. I am a Jew that listens to the media. From what I can make out there has been no repentance. Hardly anybody even mentions that this stuff is from G-D. They seem totally unaware and there is no repentance. So, the point is there are not enough good people or good deeds done in the world to cancel out the bad. The only way that is going to change is to get more good people or good deeds. Does that not mean that the Haredi Jew should put his neshamah aside a bit or reassess himself more thoroughly to see if he can reach out. Because if he does not his neshamah may well be ok, but the world will come to an end.



It is nice that you are so concerned about Klal Yisroel. If everyone were like you things would be great.

What you are writing is correct in a way, however we have to remember that our number one obligation is to the health of our own neshoma. In an instance when a certain situation will be detrimental to one’s neshoma. For example; if his Shabbos observance will be compromised, because of the kiruv that he will be doing, or if he will end up violating other mitzvos, his obligation is first and foremost to preserve and protect his own neshoma, before protecting others. In general, we do not say that one may sin in order to bring merit to someone else. (This topic is discussed in Halacha.) As an example of this, anyone who ever took an international flight has heard that if the aircraft loses altitude and air masks drop down, that one first puts on his own mask, and then the mask of the child sitting on his lap.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t do kiruv. Or course we should, in every way that we can, and yes, we should reassess ourselves to determine if there is more that we can do for Klal Yisroel. However, as stated, we can’t do it if we will get hurt in the process. If a fire fighter runs into a burning building, and gets burnt, he will not be able to help others afterwards. Do yes, but not if it will cause our neshoma to get hurt…

What will be with Hashem’s world? We have to do what we can, but after that we have to leave it up to Hashem. See Pirkei Avos 2-16.

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