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I am a 73 years old female . Several years ago I had colorectal cancer and although B”H I am completely clear now and take no medication on a regular basis my digestive and evacuation system is impaired and I have to be careful when and what I eat. I have no problem fasting and fast on all the fast days throughout the year. Breaking my fast is the problem. I only drink and eat a very small amount ( a few crackers/biscuits) that night and the next day I also have to take eating very slowly and carefully and sometimes don’t feel very well. This is nothing dangerous, I just understnad my body and act accordingly. But this is the first time since my illness that ‘the next day’ will be Shabbos ad I know I will not be able to enjoy Shabbos in the normal way if I fast.
Should I fast this year?




You don’t have to fast.

Feel better

Best wishes


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