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Inheritance law


Dear Rabbi,

Hashem has me with two parents who grieve over the exist of Jewish orthodoxy.

I am the first born and should have a double portion for my inheritance. My father and mother will be dividing it equal to our three children myself and two siblings.

Currently, Hashem has me on mental health disability with unfair valued experience. I can not earn yet greater than social security disability. Novice issues surround any family halacha and Hashem is currently taking care of my every need with the exception of growing debt.

I hope things do go ok. My brother has found a fortune in real estate and my intermarried sister seems to avoid charity and build a small house in Monte Vista, Colorado. She is keeping employment now said a NBC company.

My best feeling is Hashem keeps us but I have any question about health and family. Should this be a topic to get rabbis involved with my family and am I turning ahead to trouble that even best frank haggle with Torah faith can not rightly fix?

Best regards,




Being that from past experience we know that your parents are antagonistic to orthodoxy, and orthodox laws, there is no point in trying to get the Rabbis involved, because they will not be able to convince your parents out of this. In fact, if we agitate them over this, they can make a living will and remove on of the children from the will altogether. Therefore, my advice to you would be to just leave well enough alone, and be happy with the third of the estate that will be coming to you.

Best wishes


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