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Kashering stainless steel (for Pesach)


I purchased stainless steel pieces (spoons) from a company that sells discontinues patterns, so I assume they are used. How do I kasher them to use..and to use for Pesach? Do I toivel the pieces before or after kashering? Do I kasher-toivel-kasher…and how? Thank you so much!




We first kasher and then tovel, and after toveling it there is no need to kasher it again. I don’t understand why you are afraid that they are used spoons, (however here are those poskim who say to kasher new utensils also) but in the worst event, they would not have to be koshered more than hagalah. Meaning that, you would make sure that the spoons are clean and all stickers and glue from the stickers are removed. Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, and put he spoons in for a few seconds, (until the water starts boiling again), take them out and rinse them with some cold water, and then they are kashered. After that you can tovel them.

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שולחן ערוך יורה דעה הלכות הכשר וטבילת כלים סימן קכא סעיף ב

לקח מהן כלים שנשתמש בהם בחמין, בין שהם של מתכת או של עץ או אבן, מגעילן ואחר כך מטבילן, אם הם של מתכת, והם מותרים.


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