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Medication on Shabbos


Rabbi – is medicine TAMULOSIN HCL mitar to take on shabbos, lichathila? I use it every day to help urinate if I don’t take it one day urination the next day it is very uncomfortable and Hard to regulate




There are a number of options, as to what you can do. The best option is to take the medicine right before and after Shabbos, if it is a medicine that you only take once a day. (As a side point, practically it might be better to take it towards the evening, as it is needed more to prevent getting up too often during the night.)

If this doesn’t work for you there is another preference, (suggested by some poskim) which is to take it during Shabbos, however it should be hidden inside a piece of cake etc., as then it is considered like eating food. (We don’t say this all the time, however in this instance, when essentially you can be meikel to take it on Shabbos this is preferred.)

If this won’t work for you, then l’maaseh this condition will be included in choleh shein bo Sakana, and it is permitted to take the medication on Shabbos. (See Halachos of Refuah pg. 265)

Refuah Shleima


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