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Query on those who try to teach Jewish Youth without knowledge of Torah ,,,


In 2022 an english language Jewish newspaper ran a amazing article: that the Israel Lapid govt textbooks have excised Jewish history including mention of the 2d Temple and even the Maccabean Revolt…if they succeeded in teaching Jewish people no knowledge of the Torah….how can these people become religious Jews if they neither believe or remember who or what they are? It would be ironic if Jews in galat know Jewish History from Adam and eve to the Present -rather than Jews who Live in Israel but do not know the life of the Torah? Now is this a challenge for the Torah/Orthodox parties to sav e the Jewish spark in Jewish lives from being killed by secular-modernism by teaching all who wish to know what is to be Jewish by openly teaching the Torah/Talmud/Oral law to them?




You are very correct. Unfortunately there are times when the Jewish government, run by certain anti religious people will opt to teach Jewish kids Arab, and Chinese history, but not the full Jewish one. It is sad. another unfortunate fact is that the religious parties are often too busy trying to defend themselves, from a an onslaught of anti religious legislature, to be able to get involved in  the curriculum of the secular schools. Additionally, although there is not much we can do about the secular school system, the orthodox do have alternative school systems. They offer, that any secular person that wants to give has child an education that contains Jewish values. can do so for free. There are many secular families that have started sending their children to such schools, as they realize that these school give their children a value based scholastically advanced level of education.

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