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Proper way to do a hefsek/bedika


Hi- I wanted to know what is the proper way to do a hefsek/bedikas.

  1. I was told to go in – go around once then turn your finger around and around on the way out. I want to know – is it really possible to detect all blood from just going around once one way. It would seem that it makes more sense to have to go around more than once – to really make sure everything is covered. Also, it would make sense to have to go around both ways (clockwise and counter clockwise)- to make sure all crevices and folds are accounted for. I do not want to do extra, however it only seems correct to do more than just once one way.
  2. Also – I have been to told to go in all way- although, one’s finger can be inserted completely- one can really push their finger in a bit more- is this necessary- and if yes, is it necessary while turning as well?



  1. It is nice that you want to do the bedikos as best as you can, however while you want to do the bedika as best as you can, you also don’t want to make the area raw and susceptible to scratching yourself. Therefore, since the poskim say that turning in one direction is sufficient this is what we do.
  2. I have never heard that there is a need to push in more that her finger. Again you want to make sure toyou don’t do something to yourself c”v.

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