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Extra Drinks from Restaurant



Recently I placed an order at a pizza store and they forgot to deliver the drink we ordered (1 bottle) and when we called them they said they’d send someone with it but it never arrived. The next time we ordered from the store, we asked them if they could include the drink; they agreed but it again ended up not being delivered. The delivery guy on his own called the store about as he was driving away and later someone from the store gave us 3 bottles. Are the extra 2 bottles, ostensibly given as an apology, qualify as ribbis? Or is the money paid for the drink viewed as a loan to which they are including a ribbis payment on top of that?

Thank you!




It stands to reason that the extra two bottles were sent to you as compensation for the inconvenience of not getting what you ordered, and as part of their customer service in order to keep their good name, and not because they owed you the value of the soda, and kept your money. Therefore, you are allowed to keep the extra bottles.

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נתיבות שלום ס’ רע”ד סע’ ז’ אות ה,


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