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Is using Car Codes ethical?


I recently rented a car from one of the large car rental companies, a friend offered me a coupon code, that can be used to get a large discount on the rental, the code however is coming from a friend of a friend, and they are generally meant to be used for a specific company’s workers… (Assumingly because they are a large company they are getting a large discount for their workers)

On the one hand I’m still paying for the rental, although I’m paying a much lower price, is this ethical, even though I don’t work for that company, that the code was meant for?

Thank you, looking forward to your response.




It depends on the conditions of the card. If the coupon is not transferable to those who are not part of the company (which is most probably the case), it is not merely not ethical, it is stealing the rent the company or rental company is meant to get.  

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