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Rabbi Fleischman – I wait every week for the questions – they are so enjoyable to learn and go through the mekoros.
Question – we had a a subscription to a magazine which was delivered to our mailbox. The subscription ended in 01.2024 – they asked us is we want to continue and we told them no. The magazine still kept coming . We send them 2 more emails – finally this week they responded and thanked my wife for reminding them – we had no way of returning the magazines to them – are we responsible to pay them – we DID open them and read them. Do we owe the magazine company (Hamodia) any money

Thanks and tizku l’mitzvos and may you be zocheh to continue to be marbitz torah b’rabim



You don’t owe any money-it’s an aveido and you told them about it and they would have to pay the cost to return which I am certain they don’t want to do-just like one needn’t pay for reading refuse similarly here you don’t have to pay.

All the best

Yosef Fleischman


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