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Obligation to pay for unasked services


We get magazine subscriptions delivered weekly to our home. Sometimes we get other magazines (that we aren’t subscribed to) delivered along with our subscriptions.
I asked around, and they don’t belong to our neighbors. I’ve also reached out to the magazine company to let them know.
My question is, if I get magazines delivered to me, may I read them? Am I obligated to pay for them if I do read them? The magazines will end up being tossed in the trash here, but I’m wondering whether or not I may read them before doing so.
Thank you




From what you wrote it seems that you did all that you had to. Even if you would be obligated in Hashovas Aveida, by letting the company know that they are mistakely sending you the magazines, you don’t have to do anything more than that. The company does not want them back, therrefore you can do whatever you want with them

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