A. Strain, over a white surface, in a strainer with large holes and check whether any small insects are found among the debris that fell through.
B. Spread out a handful of kernels at a time on the palm of your hand, and look for insects among the kernels or round holes in the kernels. Turn over onto the other hand and check the other side (Illustration 391).
A black dot at the tip of the kernel is not an indication of infestation (Illustration 392). If definite infestation is found, it is preferable not to use the kernels, since there may be internal infestation that is undetectable from the outside.

Popped popcorn (already made)

May be eaten without checking. It is proper to buy the popcorn from a store that checks the kernels.

Microwave popcorn

Packages of popcorn made for popping in a microwave oven, with a good kashrus certification, may be presumed to be clean and do not require inspection.