Cream of Tartar

E472e is obtained from tartar. Can we use baking mixture, which contains such a subtance? Answer: Yes, tartar products may be used. Cream of tartar is produced from the argols… Read more »


Shmittas Kesafim – Foregoing Loans

As the Shmittah year approaches its close, one last mitzvah awaits us. This mitzvah, unlike the rest of the laws of Shmittah, is completely independent of agriculture and produce. Rather its intention is to strengthen our character and desire to give (see Sefer Hachinuch Mitzvah 477). Furthermore, this mitzvah entrenches in us the awareness that everything belongs to Hashem, rendering unfit the pursuit of material wealth (Tumim 67:1). The Torah tells us, “At the end of seven years you will institute a remission [shmittah]. This is the matter of the of the remission, every creditor shall forgo his claim for what he has lent his friend, he shall not press his friend or his brother, for He has proclaimed a remission for Hashem, you may demand payment from a gentile, and that which you have with your brother, you shall relinquish” (Devorim ch. 15).

The mitzvah of shmittas kesafim, forgoing claims on loans, has many facets and halochos. Does this Mitzvah apply today? Does it obligate one who lives in chutz l’aretz? When does it take effect? If I lent someone my car, do I have to let him keep it? I borrowed tomatoes from a neighbor; do I have to give them back? What if I want to pay back my loan, is that permitted or am I in violation of the Torah’s will? Bezras Hashem we will clarify these questions and discuss other ideas related to this mitzvah.


Investing Money

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Basketball on Shabbos

Are you allowed to play basketball on Shabbos if there is an erev? Answer: Strictly speaking there is no prohibition [there is a minority opinion among Sefardi poskim that balls… Read more »


Early Maariv

What is the earliest time one can daven Maariv before sunset? Answer: The earliest time for Maariv is after Plag Hamincha. Ideally, Maariv should be davened after nightfall.   see:… Read more »

Taus Akum

I bought a product from an international company, but received the wrong item. I contacted them and they sent me a new item, and told me that I have a… Read more »


hydrocelectomy surgery

Is there a Halacha problem with having an hydrocelectomy surgery? Thank you Answer: No, there is no halachic concern of sirus, and the surgery is permissible.