When divorce is not an option can a married man (sefaradic) whose wife has been avoiding intimacy for YEARS (six to be exact) have a cumcubine?? in the affirmative what kind of cumcubine (jewish or goya) and what are the conditions.My wife has been made aware that I was exploring this possibility as she finds all kind of excuses not to be with me.


While your situation is certainly very tragic, there is no way to permit a concubine. See Even HAezer Siman 26 with the commentaries. The only question is if this is a Biblical or Rabbinic prohibition, but either way it is certainly prohibited.

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  1. Why is divorce not an option? I was of the understanding that if the wife refuses intimacy indefinitely, she must be divorced. Is this incorrect?

    • this is certainly an option, this would depend on the situation, he should be in touch with Rabbanim who could guide him personally

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