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Non Cirumsized Husband

Hi Rabbi,

I consider myself to be a traditional Jewish female. I take pride in my Jewish identity and keep the high holidays. I’ve been seriously dating a Jewish man for a couple of months now. I recently found out that he’s uncircumsized. He’s in his mid 30s and didn’t have the procedure done due to the location he was born in (antisemitism). He doesn’t want to get the procedure done. I don’t want to force him, I feel like it should be his decision. I’m just concerned what that would mean if I were to marry him. Would it be a sin on me? What about our future children? I’m not entirely an observant Jew. I eat non kosher, don’t uphold Shabbat strictly. However, I do value the religion and want it for my future family.


There is no sin per say to marry someone who is uncircumsized. Your children will still be full fledged Jews from birth.

However, circumcision is a very basic symbol of Jewish identity and so you should verify your potential spouse shares your value for Judaism and it’s role in your lives. In addition you may want to encourage him to speak with a urologist or other professional to discuss the many medical benefits of this relatively minor procedure.

Many who value religion and very much want it to be part of their lives, are disappointed when their children grow up and don’t share their passion for Judaism. In fact, sadly most secular Jews end up marrying out of the faith.

To ensure your Jewish continuity which you hold dear, make sure your ideals translate into practice. A child raised with Jewish schooling, observance of Shabbat [on some level] and the Holidays has a much better chance of remaining connected to Judaism than the average secular Jew.

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