Cholov Yisrael

is chof k dairy, cholov yesroel?! Answer: Generally, unless specifically stated kosher dairy products are not cholov yisrael. We can not however answer about policy of specific organizations. Contact : [email protected]


Bible Question

Anyone can ask any question concerning the laws of the Torah? Genesis 9:4 But, flesh with its soul, its blood, you shall not eat. (The prohibition of consuming the flesh… Read more »


Checking Apples

Shavoua tov Rav, Subjets: Checking foods / Guerout in the U.S.A 1 – Checking foods – Apples At the bottom of the apple appears sometimes a kind of a white… Read more »


Agent’s Fee

I work as a property rental agent . Meaning I find qualified tenants for different landlords and sign a 12 months lease with them. Should they not pay 6 months… Read more »