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Purchasing Israeli Produce

Shalom. When exactly can I start purchasing Israeli produce, here in Chutz La’Aretz? Thank You.


Israeli fruit from Israel will still be from the Seventh year, even into the 8th year. The classification of Shmittah fruit is determined by the fruits sprouting, so even if it is picked in the 8th year it would be Shmittah fruit. This carries with it the concern of eating unsupervised Shmittah produce, which may have been worked and grown in prohibited fashion, or may be relying on the heter mechirah.

It should be noted that even after Shmittah, buying Israeli produce that has no kosher supervision, involves another problem of Trumos ans Maasros. This produce is safek [doubtful] tevel and Trumos and Maasros need to be seperated.

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