old unpaid loan

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Collecting old loan

Question: Shalom, someone has defaulted on a loan of many years ago (25+). I have a digital copy of the IOU with his signature. (Parenthetically, I believe he has put… Read more »


Might owe money

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Collecting owed money

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Loan Repayment

You have $150. You have to pay your gas bill ($125), electricity bill ($80), you owe your friend money ($100) , and you owe your parents money ($150). You lost… Read more »


Borrower Crashed the Car

Our office arranges leases of cars for certain employees, but all employees are covered by the insurance policy. The policy states that for one accident in 3 years the driver… Read more »


Paying Old Debt

Many years ago i once took a loaf of bread from a makolet before it opened as the bread was outside. I cant remember if I ever went back to… Read more »


Changing Creditor

Status disclaimer: I think my mother is Jewish but I have no proof sufficient for me to seek recourse to any Jewish help with this issue. Problem: I have U.S…. Read more »


Loan in Converted Euros

Good morning I filled a Eurocard to the value of 300 euros paying about 12.57 South African rands per euro. The bank has a condition that if one reconverts what’s… Read more »


Borrowed Car Seat

Someone borrowed a car seat from our car seat gemach, probably about/over a month ago, and hasn’t returned it yet. They gave us a deposit (cash, so we don’t have… Read more »


Claiming Father’s Debt

Dear Sir(s), My parents loaned my sister and brother-in-law over $200K, interest free, back in 1993 to purchase their new home. They made initial payments on the loan, but as… Read more »


Liens on Cars

Thanks for answering my previous question. Another question that we have in our Shulchan Aruch shiur is the case of a Lien: We are learning Choshen Mishpat and we are… Read more »


Personal Bankruptcy

Question: If a person experiences difficult financial times and begins to fall behind in his/her credit card payments. Is it halachally permissible to declare personal bankruptcy? Thanks Answer: It would… Read more »