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Tzedaka or Hachnasat Kallah?


I am arranging a chinese auction to raise funds for the following situation: I have a neighbor who is separated from her husband. For reasons not clear to me, he is not giving a get. The financial situation in the house is very difficult since the husband is not giving them money and the wife does not have a true parnasa. An of-age daughter was being red strange shiduchim because of her home situation. So when a normal shidduch was red, her neighbors took responsibility to give this girl a normal shidduch and committed to the price of the shidduch- which included purchase of an apartment. The couple is now finished sheva brachos. I am planning this auction to take place in a few months. I am curious to know if my כונה of my efforts in this situation should be of hachnasas kallah or of helping my neighbors in paying up the obligation that they took upon themselves. Thank you.


Your actions are very noble and praiseworthy. There is nothing wrong with having both intentions and you can also have in mind that you are helping a poor person and if the husband will learn Torah because of this or learn better you are also helping a person learn Torah which is another big mitzvo. The more you do mitzvos with simcho and ahavas Hashem will make all your mitzvos on a higher madraigo. Tizkey lemitzvos

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