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Building in East Jerusalem

Being an advocate in Denmark and at the same time having a warm sympathy for the Jewish “cause” (I witnessed what took place here in 1943) I need to know more about the reason for the building plans in East Jerusalem in order to partake in discussions here about this controversial problem. I am positive, but the subject is difficult. Can you show me a useful book analysing the legal problems ?

Answer has been established to respond to halachic queries. People can turn to our Torah scholars on matters of Jewish law and receive informed decisions regarding practical matters relating to their lives.

Political decisions made by the Jerusalem municipality or the Israeli government is beyond the scope of our scholars.

Any Israeli legal issues relating to this matter are best addressed by Israeli jurists familiar with Israeli secular law. This forum is for Torah law as transmitted by Hashem to Moses on Mount Sinai.

We are sorry that we are unable to direct you to the appropriate contact to satisfy your inquiry.


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