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Cooking for Dairy Meal in Meaty Microwave

A microwave that is fleishig and isn’t ben yomo: Can I cook a potato in it which then I will put in a milky omelet?


It would be permitted to do so, provided the potato is dry, and is placed on a pareve plate.

Sources: Although according to the Ashkenazi custom, some are stringent not to cook something in a meaty pot (even when clean and not a ben-yomo) for use in a milky meal (see Yoreh De’ah 95:2; Badei Hashulchan 33, who cites a dispute between Chochmas Adam and Vilna Gaon), this applies only to a pot, where the dish will absorb the taste from the walls of the pot. For a microwave, and a dry food, there is no concern of absorbing taste from the walls, and therefore it would be permitted to cook for use in a milky meal.

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