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Dish Prepared in Meaty Pot

If something was prepared in a ‘meat’ pot, but itself is parev, and was served at a dinner with meat foods, but no meat entered it, and is later transferred to a plastic container where meat products before it may have been — can this be eaten and then followed with dairy product?


Dairy products can certainly be eaten after eating this food.

With regard to eating the food together with dairy products, the answer would depend on whether or not the original pot was ben yomo or not. If the pot was a ben yomo, meaning that is was used within the past 24 hours for meaty foods, then the food should not be eaten with milky products. If the pot was not a ben yomo, then it is permitted to eat the food in a milky meal, although one should not cook in such a pot with the intention of doing so.


According to Chochmas Adam, one should not cook lechatchilah in a meaty non-ben-yomo pot with the intention of eating the food in a milky meal. See, however, Badei Hashulchan 95:2 (Bi’urim), who proves that others (including Biur Ha-Gra) maintain that this is permitted even on a lechatchilah level. The halachah of not eating bread served at a meaty meal with milk applies specifically to bread, which might have been touched with “meaty hands”.

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