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Dairy Knife for Meaty Dish

Good afternoon.
My wife used a Milichig knife to cut an onion. She then put the onions into a Fleishig pot to cook a soup. What’s the Din on the soup, knife and pot?

Yasher Koach.


The knife remains dairy. The pot is fine. The soup should be considered dairy, and not eaten together with meat.

Best wishes.


Assuming that the knife was not a ben-yomo (which we assume unless we know that it was used for hot dairy food in the last 24 hrs), it follows that although the onions become dairy, this beliyah is not passed on to other utensils (it is considered a “weak beliyah”).

Thus, the soup is dairy, because it has dairy onions that are eaten with it; however, the pot remains meaty, while the knife of course retains its original status.

Please see here for more details.

Best wishes.

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  1. I used a dairy fork for a salad with cold turkey in it. No sharp tasting items in the salad. What’s the din on the fork?

    1. Wash it off well with soap in water that isn’t hot.
      Best Wishes

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