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Toveling Electric Cord

When one tovels an electrical kitchen appliance does one also have to tovel the attached cord and plug?


Although this question is the subject of a dispute among authorities, the common custom is not to tovel the cord and plug.


See Shevet Halevi (2:96) who quotes a dispute between Rash and ‘commentaries’ cited in Meiri concerning a long handle that is attached to a utensil. According to Rash, there is no need for the handle to be immersed in the water, whereas the ‘commentaries’ cited in Meiri point out that the connected handle constitutes a chatzitzah, and therefore needs to be immersed with the utensil itself.

Chazon Ish (quoted in Shevet Halevi) ruled like the opinion mentioned in Meiri, and accordingly one would have to immerse the cord together with the utensil. However, according to Rash there would not be any obligation, and this is the common custom, as mentioned in the name of Rav Mordechai Gross (Tel Talpios 66, p. 113).

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