Can you tell me about the conversion process? How long will it take me?


The process of conversion is not an overnight matter, and requires a fair amount of preparation. Unlike some other religions, Judaism is a religion of deed, and not only of faith, and being Jewish involves a serious commitment to a broad range of laws and ordinances that cover every aspect of human behavior. Although this is very uplifting, in that our physical lives are elevated to a level of Divine service, it can be seen (from the outside) as inhibiting, and requires careful consideration.

Becoming a Jew also implies a change in one’s very essence, and it requires study, careful thought, and much motivation.

The time taken depends very much on individual circumstances, and it will be determined by the Rabbi or the Beit Din (court of Jewish Law) that oversees the process. The rabbis will determine the seriousness of the candidate, will check his knowledge-base, and will guide him further.

Good Luck! May G-d guide you on the path of truth.

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