What is the halacha about a frum yid going to a yoga studio to exercise?


The concern is for a man going to a mixed class, in which he will inevitably come into contact with immodestly clad women. If this concern can be taken care of, for instance by organizing a men’s group, then there is no prohibition.in yoga or the studio per se.

Sources: It is not permitted to intentionally go to a place where one will come into contact with immodesty, unless there is “no other way” (Bava Basra 57b). Yoga would not generally be considered “no other way,” and a men’s group should be organized.

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5 Responses to “Yoga in Studio”

  1. What is the halacha regarding a man attending a coed gym? What if there are no other gym options available to him? (please include sources)

    • A man may not go to a coed gym, even if there are no other gyms availible. Not goingto a coed gym is not just l’chatchila or only for the pious, it is for everyone. Please see the following link https://dinonline.org/2017/04/27/men-and-mixed-gyms/

  2. Yoga has connections with avoida zora, according to Rav Belsky. It is a whole sugya, but those who know about it admit that it is related to idol worship.

  3. I remember RAV BELSKY o’h discussing yoga.
    I don’t recall his forbidding it.

    When/Where did he forbid it?


    • There is a sefer from R’ Belsky zt”l, called “Rav Belsky on Alternative Medicine”. Maybe look over there.

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