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In response to your question I am utterly confused.

It seems according to your answer that relations with a goy as a one time thing is only an issur drabbonon whilst looking at her undressed is min ha torah.

So during the act if one had his eyes closed this would be an issur da rabbonon whilst opening them would be issur draisa.

Is this correct?


You are right. It comes out that the looking is worse of an issur than the actual act! This instance would be an interesting from of the gemora yuma 29a הרהורי עבירה קשים מעבירה .


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  1. one may have thoughts for a permitted act – as in the case of his wife
    if he is engaging in a biblically permitted act the thought etc would be permitted as well for that act

    1. See the link to the question and you will see that this is not true. The issue here is that the looking is an independant issur, even if technically the actual act is not catagorized as an issur d’orayso.

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