I oredered something over the phone. I got irrate because the person tried selling me something else after telling him 3 times that I’m not interested. The person is a non jew, do I need to do teshuva for geting irrate or impatient with a non jew? The non jew doesn’t know that im jewish or frum?


Getting irrate is a negative trait, and the Gemara writes that one who gets angry is considered as though he serves idolatry. However, we are not angels, and under extreme circumstances, everyone is liable to get upset sometimes. Still one should do teshuvah for getting angry, which is a violation of the instruction to “follow the ways of Hashem.”

See also Orchos Yosher (no. 17), who quotes from the Arizal that with regard to anger, one must do teshuvah, and that the teshuvah also includes being careful not to be angry in the future, and see Derech Sichah (p. 616) where this idea is elucidated further.

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