I’m flying to Asia soon. Am I machuev to bencht Gomel when I return?


The common custom is to bench Gomel after a flight. This certainly applies to a flight from Asia.

Although some have claimed that the berachah does not apply to flights, which are not included in the enactment of Ha-Gomel, the prevalent custom is to recite the blessing.

Sources: Iggros Moshe, Tzitz Eliezer, and Yecheveh Daas write that Ha-Gomel is recited after a flight, because a flight is also a departure from the ordinary order in the world, and involves some danger, like sailing over the sea. This opinion is also stated in the name of Chazon Ish. Betzel Hachochmah, and some other authorities, write that the blessing should not be recited.

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2 Responses to “Ha-Gomel After Flight”

  1. Err ANY flight?? What about from NY city to Trenton NJ??

    • The common custom is only to make hagoem for overseas flights, but not for domestic flights. An overseas flight can match the original enactment of travelling the seas, and forms a departure from the regular order of life, whereas a domestic flight doesn’t meet either condition.

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