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Ice Cream with Cone

I have Ice cream which has mixed in it some chocolate covered cone. There is not that much cone in it. Probably not more than a czayis throughout. What is the proper bracha for this?


If the cone (which I understand is mezonos) is tangible, and is mixed into the ice cream for purposes of giving taste (and not only for purposes of texture), then the berachah would be mezonos.

This is the case for ice cream with cookies: although there is only a small amount of cookie, the berachah is mezonos, because the cookies are tangible (not just a “spice”) and are there for giving taste.

The after-berachah, however, would be borei nefashos, assuming that a kezayis of the mezonos is not eaten (in a time period of kedei achilas peras).

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