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Dentures for Kashrus


With regard to mixture of meat and milk what is the halochah regarding dentures and fillings. I saw a psak that says it isn’t a problem because the food we put in our mouth isn’t hot enough (isn’t yad soledet bo), but surely tea, soup, hot chicken etc is hotter than yad soledet bo, in actual fact tea and soup is about 85 degrees.

The same question applies to Pesach.


Several poskim are lenient concerning dentures and fillings: The Maharsham (1:197) writes that the temperature is not high enough to cause taste to be absorbed, adding that the food is in the mouth for a very short time. It is true that we sometime drink/eat really hot food, but at least the majority use is not such.

She’elas Shalom (195, cited in Darkei Teshuvah 89) writes that the material of false teeth doesn’t absorb. Nishmas Avraham (89:2) quotes from Rav Shlomo Zalman that the food in a person’s mouth is pagum.

An additional point is that we know that there is no beliah and pelitah of taste, for if we drink tea after eating meat, we don’t feel the taste of the meat in the tea!

For Pesach, see Kaf Hachaim 89 who is lenient, but other poskim advise performing hag’alah wherever possible.

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