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Tevilas Keilim for Peeler and Can Opener

I bought a can opener and a metal peeler for peeling edible vegetables at a Jewish owned store in Israel. They were both manufactured in non-Jewish countries. Do they require tevilah with a bracha? In general, which items require tevilah with a bracha?


The can opener does not require tevillah, because it does not come into contact with food.

The peeler, however, is a utensil that comes into contact with food. In principle, a utensil that comes into contact with food, and is used for the preparation of food, requires tevillah.

However, if most of the use of the peeler is for potatoes and the like, which cannot be eaten without a further stage of preparation (cooking), the peeler will not require tevillah with a berachah. In most cases, the majority use might be for cucumbers and the like, but if in doubt the tevillah should be made without a berachah, or together with items that certainly require a berachah.

For general guidelines, please conduct a search on the site, using the rubric “tevilas keilim.” You will find a number of responsa that deal with the issues, including many interesting guidelines.

Best wishes.

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