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Tevilah for Disposable Pans

I have a question regarding the need to Tavel disposable aluminum pans, and other metal vessels made in the far east with Hebrew printed or engraved on them:

What is the status regarding the need to immerse them in a mikva? Vessels that are not disposable, but were most probably commissioned by an Jewish businessman to mass produce, can one assume that that a Jew was involved in the ownership, therefore not requiring tevila or a brocha? Does multiple use of disposable pans require tevila or in fact perhaps even the first use already require tevila? Is the hechsher that is imprinted on them only relate to kashrut, that the pan was not smeared with non-kosher fats? or does that allow use with out tevila? Is it better to line them with aluminum foil or is there no need to do so, even if your intent is for multiple use?

Thank you


If a disposable pan is used only once, it does not require tevillah. Even if it will be used more than once, it does not require tevillah, provided it will only be used twice or three times before being disposed of, and not on a “permanent” basis.

Concerning the question of the hechsher, this testifies to the kashrus of the pan, but does not imply anything concerning Jewish ownership and the need for tevillah.

If the pans are owned by Jews, but only produced by non-Jews, tevillah is not required. Under ordinary circumstances, this is hard to assume, and the facts should be verified.


See Minchas Yitzchak 32:1; Iggros Moshe, Yoreh De’ah 3:23; Tevillas Keilim chap. 1, note 10; the pan remains essentially disposable, and the fact that it is used more than once does not, according to most authorities, make a difference. Some, it should be noted, are stringent, and require tevillah when the pan is used more than once (Mishnah Halachos 7:111).

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